Visitor Visa

In most cases, visitors of Canada are required to have a valid passport and visitor’s visa. In addition, visitors must also assure an immigration officer that the visitor:

  • Will eventually return to their country of residence;
  • Are in good health (visitors may be obligated to submit to medical examination at their own expense);
  • Do not have a criminal record and do not present a security risk to Canada;
  • Have the necessary financial resources to supplement travel costs and other expenses

Those who do not comply with the above conditions may be denied entry into Canada.

Typically visitors are granted 6 months to stay in Canada, however, visitors may apply for a visitor extension should they wish to stay for a longer duration of time. Generally, visitors are not permitted to work or study in Canada without proper authorization and documentation.

Provincial health coverage will not be granted to visitors during their stay. Therefore, it is recommended that the visitor receives medical insurance prior to arrival.

  • Visa-exempt Visitors
  • Business Visitors
  • Visiting Relatives
  • Extending Your Stay

To apply insurance before you arrive, you can also consult our insurance services, our insurance consultants will be happy to assist you to find the best coverage insurance for you.


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