The purpose of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program is to attract those who are experienced in a commercial environment and own or actively manage businesses in Quebec that contribute to the economy through the creation of jobs for the citizens of the province.

Applicants are required to have achieved the following:

  •  2 years of business related experience within the last five years in a legal and profitable business in either an agricultural, industrial or commercial industry
  • Control a minimum of 25% of the business’s capital equity
  • Comply with these conditions for at least one year during the first three years of arriving in Quebec

In addition to these requirements, applicants must be able to achieve a ranking of 50 points if they wish to undertake a business project or 60 points if they wish to purchase a current business in Quebec.

Accessing points are based on the following factors:

Selection   Factor


Education Maximum 12 points
Business Experience Maximum 12 points
Age Maximum 10 points
Ability in English and/or French Maximum 22 points
Stay and Family in Quebec Maximum 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency Maximum 1 points
Adaptability Maximum 5 points
Financial Resources Maximum 10 points
Business Project Maximum 30 points


Maximum   110 points

Pass   mark

50   or 60 points
(Depending on Business Project)

Applicants and dependants must also undergo medical examinations and security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration application process.

Upon gaining permanent residency in Quebec, the Entrepreneur Program requires applicants to actively manage a legitimate business in Quebec while acquiring a minimum of 25% of the equity with a value of no less than $100,000 CDN. With the exception of agricultural entrepreneurs, the business must have created at least one new job for a citizen or permanent resident of Quebec.

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