Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP)— Skilled Workers

International Skilled Worker Category

This category is designed for those who intend to work and reside in Saskatchewan. Candidates are usually comprised of individuals who have completed a secondary education or have gained high skilled work experience. Those who are successful will be nominated by the SINP based on their education, experience, language fluency and other factors that will allow applicants to be able to establish and integrate into the labour market and community of Saskatchewan.

In order to qualify for the SINP – International Skilled Worker Category, applicants are required to:

  • Reside outside of Canada or have proof of legal status in Canada;
  • Not be a refugee claimant;
  • Complete at least 1 year of work experience within the last 10 years in the proposed occupation;
  • Provide a valid SINP permanent, full-time employment Job Approval Letter;
  • If the intended occupation is in in a regulated profession or compulsory apprenticeship trade, applicants must demonstrate that they have received the proper Saskatchewan licensure to work in that particular position prior to application;
  • Have a minimum language score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4

Saskatchewan Experience Category

The Saskatchewan Experience category is the best choice for foreign nationals who are currently working and residing in Saskatchewan.

The SINP Experience Category includes the following 5 streams:

  • Existing Work Permit Sub-Category
  • Health Profession Sub-Category
  • Hospitality Sector Pilot Project  Sub-Category
  • Long Haul Truck Driver Sub-Category
  • Student Sub-Category

Existing Work Permit Sub-Category


  • Must possess a valid work permit OR an exemption under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a Canadian signed Free Trade Agreement; or the International Experience Canada (IEC) program;
  • Receive a job offer for a permanent full-time position from an employer within Saskatchewan while ensuring the  occupation is included in National Occupation Classification (NOC) Matrix “A”, “B”, or “0” or in a designated trade (Please note: Food and Beverage Servers/Persons must apply under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project sub-category);
  • Be able to present a valid SINP Approval Letter;
  • Must have been employed for more than 6 months through a work permit issued by CIC for the position offered.

Health Profession Sub-Category

Those who wish to apply under the SINP Health Profession sub-category must already be employed full-time in Saskatchewan as either a physician, nurse or other health professional through a temporary work permit for a minimum of 6 months prior to application.

Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub-Category

Those who are eligible to apply under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub-Category must have the following:

  •  A valid work permit for one of the following occupations/categories:

I.        Food/Beverage Server ( NOC 6453)

II.        Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6641)

III.        Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6661)

  • Completion of a high school education or equivalent;
  • Must be employed by an employer or company approved by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP);
  • Have the necessary English language skills to successfully continue employment in Saskatchewan;
  • Achieve a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher in the English Language across all 4 categories (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

Long Haul Truck Driver sub-category

Those who wish to apply for the Long Haul Truck Driver sub-category must have the following:

  • A temporary work permit for an approved Saskatchewan trucking firm for a duration of at least 6 months;
  • A current Saskatchewan Class 1A driver’s license;
  • An offer for a full-time, permanent position from an approved trucking firm located in Saskatchewan;
  • Achieved a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher English Language ability across all 4 abilities (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

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