The Northwest Territories Nominee Program – Business Immigration

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program was established by the Government of the Northwest Territories through an agreement with Citizen Immigration Canada to provide eligible individuals, business owners and self-employed persons to gain permanent residency in Canada through a quicker route.

Those who fall under the following categories may be eligible to be nominated for this program:

  • Skilled Worker;
  • Critical Impact Worker;
  • Entrepreneur Business;
  • Self-Employed Business categories. 

Entrepreneur Business

The Entrepreneur Business category is intended to provide assistance to interested entrepreneurs and/or business owners/operators to immigrate to the NWT and establish a new operation (all economic sectors will be considered for this program).

In order to qualify, applicants must:

  • Invest at least $300,000 CDN in equity to establish a new or purchase a current business within a corporate industry of Yellowknife, NWT; or a invest minimum of $150,000 CDN equity to establish a new or purchase a current business outside the a corporate industry in Yellowknife, NWT
  • Possess a personal net worth at least $500,000 CDN if proposed business is in the corporate industry or at least $250,000 CDN if the business is outside the corporate industry of Yellowknife, NWT
  • In addition to personal net worth, must also have access to $75,000 in a trust account and released once a Performance Agreement has been completed based on the business proposal
  • Have the ability to demonstrate an adequate knowledge and general understanding of the NWT and the conditions of its economy
  • Gain the necessary communication and language skills needed to settle successfully in the NWT
  • Achieve relevant experience and education necessary to establish the proposed business

Self-Employed Business

The self-employed category included in the Nominee Program seeks professionals who are able to fulfill labour demands in the NWT by establishing a new business or professional practice. Please note that this category is restricted to self-employed persons, therefore, those who intend to find an employer in the NWT may refer to the Skilled Worker Program.

In order to be eligible to apply to this category, applicants must adhere to the following:

  • Currently be in a profession that is recognized as a skill shortage in the NWT
  • Receive all necessary certification or qualifications to be employed in the proposed field or position
  • If the position is regulated, applicants must ensure that they meet al NWT regulatory authority conditions; OR if the position is NOT regulated, a Canadian licensing body will be consulted
  • Demonstrate sufficient communication and language skills as required to be successful in the NWT labour force
  • Gain general knowledge and understanding of the NWT and its economy
  • Have adequate financial means and resources to establish and operate a professional practice and support themselves (and dependents if applicable) for at least 6 months
  • Present a comprehensive business plan for the proposed operation

In addition to meeting the stated requirements, applicants are also obligated to take part in a face-to-face interview as a requisite of the assessment process. This interview is put in place to further discuss the applicant’s business plan, assess knowledge of the NWT and consider the applicant’s communication skills. It is strongly recommended that applicants meet with Department officials during any type of visit to the NWT as these meetings may satisfy the interview requirement.

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