Quebec Family Class

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and have a sponsor willing to support their settlement may do so by applying for the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship. Sponsors must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who are residing in Quebec.

The first step in applying for the Family Class Sponsorship is to apply to become a sponsor due to the fact that there are requirements for both the sponsor and foreign individual. Sponsor applying under the Quebec Family Class Sponsorship program must complete and submit a sponsorship application to the government of Canada Case Processing Center. If the sponsor is deemed as eligible, the next step is to submit an undertaking application that includes an application completed by the sponsored person for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) submitted to the government of Quebec.

Sponsors are responsible for supporting the family member, providing them with assistance during the relative’s settlement into Canada and to ensure that your relative/spouse does not seek financial assistance from the government.

There are 2 types of processes in which a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their family members. They include:

  • Sponsoring a spouse, partner or dependent child
  • Sponsoring other eligible relatives



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