Family Class Immigration Programs

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada have the option to sponsor close relatives or family members who are also interested in becoming permanent residents of Canada. Sponsors are responsible for supporting the family member and provide them with assistance during relative’s settlement into Canada.

The conditions in which the sponsored individual is able to apply for permanent residency are based on the applicant’s relationship to the sponsor and the province in which the sponsor currently resides in.

There are various options given for those who intend to apply for the Family Class Immigration Program such as through Quebec, a federal program or one of the provincial programs. Please take note of these options below:

  • Federal Family Class: If the Canadian relative or sponsor lives in any part of Canada excluding Quebec;
  • Quebec Family Class: If the Canadian relative or sponsor lives in Quebec;
  • Provincial Family Streams: Some provinces and territories have their own programs for their Canadian residents who want to bring one of their relatives.


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